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The only accessory proven to increase spin, improve control, and simultaneously absorb impact for greater comfort. 

What this basically means is that when you’re out there hitting with Pojie installed, the ball will sit on the strings longer which will result in more power, more spin, more confidence, and will amplify comfort for those who have struggled with arm issues.  -




On Tour, part 2 • The Stringers

David Warren

In On Tour, part 1, we noted that stringing plays a huge role in high-level tennis. Because of this, tournament stringers have the respect of the players they string for. They also have influence with players and with their fellow stringing professionals. Due to this—and the fact that they are the people who install Pojies—we have sought out a close working relationship with a number of elite racquet technicians around the world. We would like to introduce you to two of them.

Dustin Tankersley, one of our Pojie Brand Specialists, is a member of the Wilson tour stringing team. He took Pojies with him this year to the Australian Open, as well as to the Sony Open in Miami. These samples were given to other members of the stringing crew at these events.

Kin Roseborough, the head stringer at the Family Circle Tennis Center here in Charleston, has been stringing our demo and playtest frames for nearly two years. He also tested prototypes for us regularly during product development. 

Professional racquet technicians like Dustin, Kin and others are an important part of the Pojie team. If you’re a retail and/or tournament stringer who would like to know more about our team, write us at

Dustin (l) and Kin working at the 2013 Family Circle Cup

Dustin (l) and Kin working at the 2013 Family Circle Cup