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Who We Are

The String Advantage Mission

Tennis Accessories Engineered to Provide Unmatched Benefits.
— It's what we do.

Our Story

Early prototyping

The original concept behind the Pojie was to produce a tennis accessory that could modify impact profile through the racket and thus protect injured joints.

The first prototype was produced in 2008 using a soft polymer material and was a complete failure. The materials used were too soft, the design did not have the required structural integrity, and the forces involved were not fully appreciated.

In 2009 a second-generation prototype was produced utilizing CNC machine technology; this generation of prototype was produced using a variety of materials.

In 2010 design work was initiated for the third-generation Pojie; this generation was intended to be of molded construction utilizing a highbred core system. 


Testing on the court

Testing with the latest generation began in fall of 2011 with multiple iterations of the device tested by elite level players.  

While the original intent was to produce a device that could attenuate impact effects on inflamed elbow and shoulder joints; these tests demonstrated that the device affected performance of the racquet in many positive ways.

College level players were commenting that with the device installed there was substantially more spin, and many players noted that control was considerably improved and many balls that would have been a miss hit remained in play.  This group of players did notice that impact was attenuated with less joint inflammation symptoms, however this attribute was overwhelmingly secondary to comments directed towards higher level of play attributes.


Pojie today

By summer of 2012 the Pojie had been played in USTA junior level matches, played at the professional level in Hungary and Lithuania and allowed for play by ITA officials at all matches.  At this point we realized that this device will enhance play across a broad spectrum of player capabilities and needs.

We are committed to your success as a player and a customer. We hope you will join, follow and support us on our journey in making more products that will improve your game.