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The only accessory proven to increase spin, improve control, and simultaneously absorb impact for greater comfort. 

What this basically means is that when you’re out there hitting with Pojie installed, the ball will sit on the strings longer which will result in more power, more spin, more confidence, and will amplify comfort for those who have struggled with arm issues.  -




Answering your questions: What’s the best way to try out the Pojie?

David Warren

When playtesting, ideally you want to have two identical racquets, one with Pojies and one without. Warmup with your regular racquet for 10 minutes or so, then change to the one with Pojies. In the beginning, just casually hit groundstrokes with your hitting partner. Observe any differences in the feel at impact compared to your regular racquet. Ask your hitting partner if he/she notices any change in depth, speed and spin on your shots. Then it’s time to move up to the net for volleys and overheads. You will also want to hit first and second serves. If possible, finish up your test drive by playing out points, even some tiebreakers, to get a feeling for how your racquet with Pojies performs for you in a competitive situation.

We're confident that after your playtest, you'll be a Pojie Player.