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The only accessory proven to increase spin, improve control, and simultaneously absorb impact for greater comfort. 

What this basically means is that when you’re out there hitting with Pojie installed, the ball will sit on the strings longer which will result in more power, more spin, more confidence, and will amplify comfort for those who have struggled with arm issues.  -




Is my Pojie worn out?

David Warren


The package says “For optimal performance, the Pojie should be replaced with each stringing,” yet this set of Pojies has just been strung for the 4th time. The racquet belongs to a tennis pro who is on court teaching, hitting, or playing 30+ hours a week. The polyurethane compression cores in contact with the strings have become slightly deformed, but appear to have some life in them yet. The black string guides look to be in good condition.

He will probably need to replace his Pojies at his next re-stringing, particularly since one of his primary reasons for using Pojie is to reduce the effect that hitting so many tennis balls has on his elbow. As the Pojie loses it's elasticity, it's ability to absorb impact is also diminished.

For more information, see our post “How often should I replace my Pojie?”