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The only accessory proven to increase spin, improve control, and simultaneously absorb impact for greater comfort. 

What this basically means is that when you’re out there hitting with Pojie installed, the ball will sit on the strings longer which will result in more power, more spin, more confidence, and will amplify comfort for those who have struggled with arm issues.  -




An in-depth look at Pojie - by

David Warren

What is a Pojie?

Like I said, they are little devices (or accessories) that are installed during the stringing process on the grommets in the throat of your tennis racquet. But really, they look like small plastic inserts that your tennis strings go around, but that’s where the deception lays.

" The Pojie compression core is designed to attenuate the initial peak force from ball impact, reducing the probability of joint injury over time. That means even when strung 2 to 4 lbs tighter, a tennis racquet with Pojie extensions can provide the reduced vibration of a lower tension racquet while giving you the control characteristics of a higher tension racquet.

The engineered design incorporates years of science and physics to provide players with more spin and improved control while simultaneously absorbing impact from hitting. " - StringAdvantage Product Team

What this all basically means is that when you’re out there hitting with Pojie installed, the ball will sit on the strings longer which will result in more power, more spin, more confidence, and will amplify comfort for those who have struggled with arm issues.


How does Pojie get installed ?

Instead of explaining how to install the Pojie’s in your racquets, I made a simple video on how to do it.


Do the Pojie’s actually work?

I have spent quite a bit of time playing around with these little doodads and I have to say, they are a must try for almost every level player looking to get an edge in his or her tennis game.

My testing was with my normal tennis racquet and strings that I am very familiar with. Knowing full well what to expect from the tennis strings, it was easy to identify any changes the Pojie system had.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I was getting much better play from my tennis racquet with Pojie installed. I was getting much more controlled power on my groundstrokes. I could feel the ball sitting on the stringbed longer, this allowed me to make micro-adjustments as I needed. The spin production was better, not significantly more, but enough to where I noticed that I was getting getting more kick from my strokes.



One of the best parts of using the Pojie was that off centered shots were easily controlled. This was in part due to the expanded sweetspot the Pojie produces. Most everything near the outside of the sweetspot was a piece of cake, never felt like I missed.

The other highlight of using the Pojie system was the comfort. I like using polyester strings at low tension, a full bed of poly is what I go for in every tennis racquet. Polyester does hurt the arm, coupled with a heavy racquet and fast swing speeds, it’s a recipe for pain. Luckily, the Pojie’s expanded sweetspot and increased dwell time, allows for more comfortable shots. In fact, I’m certain it reduces the shock from impact!

I never felt that, when using Pojie, my tennis racquet ever had anything added to it, even though each Pojie weighs just over 1 gram.

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