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Pojie for Retailers

Perfectly engineered racquet accessory that provides more spin and improved control while absorbing the negative impact from hitting.

Why Pojie

Small design, Big results.

Don’t let Pojie’s discreet size fool you. The engineered design incorporates years of science and physics to provide players with more spin and improved control while simultaneously absorbing impact from hitting. 

Our engineers have researched the benefits of using Pojie with players of all levels and have consistently found improvement in both enjoyment and quality of the game.



Engineered core.

The Pojie compression core is designed to attenuate the initial peak force from ball impact, reducing the probability of joint injury over time. That means even when strung 2 to 4 lbs tighter, a racquet with Pojie extensions can provide the reduced vibration of a lower tension racquet while giving you the control characteristics of a higher tension racquet.


Adding Pojie to your racquet gives you maximum string deflection on ball impact, leading to longer dwell time.

Adding Pojie to your racquet gives you maximum string deflection on ball impact, leading to longer dwell time.


Player Results


Matt Harris - California

"I've noticed a big difference in my game after using the Pojie. Because of the bigger sweet spot it creates, I more often find extra pop in my shots, especially the forehand. The most noticeable improvement is it feels as though I can actually hold the ball on my strings a bit longer which is the key to more power, spin, depth and control for any player. After using the Pojie for a few months, I played without them and I felt a big drop off in my shots. So I swear by those little guys now, because they work."


Michael Brown - South Carolina

"I'm a 4.5 NTRP league player, 43 years old. I've played competitively for 30 years. Using the Pojie’s in my Head frame gives me extra power with noticeably greater amounts of spin and control. The more head speed I generate, the more spin and control I get. Best of all, the reduction in impact has allowed me to play the entire year injury free for the first time in 10 years. I have tendinitis in my elbow and shoulder. But since playing with this Pojie, I have NONE ! ....I'm actually hitting first serves again. I'll never play without the Pojie again."


Brad Bolton - Tennessee

I’m a 5.0 NTRP Tennis Player and USPTA certified Professional. I recently started using the Pojie when I heard about the difference it could make with my game. After using the Pojie I have found that I have more spin on my shots as well as a lot more room for error since it offers me a bigger sweet spot. It definitely has taken some stress off my elbow as well.

Are you a Pojie Player?

Tell us a little bit about your tennis background and how Pojie has impacted your game by filling out our Player Profile form.   




Racquet stringing with Pojie™ is easy

Simply add the Pojie units to your normal stringing process.

  1. If the racquet has six string holes at the throat of the frame, place the first Pojie unit between 1LM and 1RM. If the racquet has eight string holes at the throat place the first Pojie unit between 1LM and 2LM and 1RM and 2RM.
  2. Tension the strings as usual to seat the Pojie against the racquet frame over the stock grommet. 
  3. Repeat this process until all loops at the throat are filled.